looking for the best pre built gaming pc to max out WoW

Hello to all, I have been researching for months and reading reviews about various different brands/companies for the right gaming pc for me. I'm a little nervous as I've never ordered a pc from online. Usually I would go purchase in person from my local best buy or something, but I would like to get a pre built right from the source. I do not want to build a computer because I have no knowledge of how too and I don't have the time and honestly nor the patience. I recently stopped playing WoW on my Asus G51vx gaming laptop and would like to experience it on the real thing. I decided I will be a pc gamer now. I also would like the gaming pc to play WoW (mop and warlords of draenor) on Ultra settings while raiding 25 mans or 40 man bg's. I will want it to be able to handle heroes of the storm and maybe even some LoL and a little skyrim only if possible. I've narrowed down the choices to alienware, digital storm, ibuypower, cyberpower, and origin pc. I've read countless reviews on each of these but they seem like solid places to look compared to others. I have also checked out the pre builts on new egg and they seem pretty decent as well but I wouldn't know. Please I need an experts advice on this and I was reccomended to come here and ask so finally I did lol. I know everyone swears by building trust me I know its way cheaper and better by far and I could save money. But I would prefer honest opinions on which one of those companies, or one not named is superior to the rest. Budget is 800-1200 dollars. I hear wow isn't that demanding so hopefully this will workout. Thanks in advance and I appreciate your help.
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  1. That's a very nice pick, but do you think it will max out WoW, league of legends, heroes of the storm, skyrim/TESO?? Also does that mean Ibuypower is the superior to those other few??
  2. I just checked these out. I heard the vanquish is great for the price as well as the alien but the origin is overpriced what's your opinion and How would these compare to the one you linked. I actually like everything you send me, but would any of these be better or is the ibuypower the best choice? Also could you possibly link me another gaming pc with a budget of 1000 I'm gonna buy one as well for my best friend as a b-day gift. Thanks so much for your help so far your a life saver :-)
  3. Also it says that graphics card is on par with cataclysm. Wouldn't their be a change to the graphics after mists of pandaria or when warlords of draenor comes out to opt for a more higher one?? Just wondering??
  4. imho you could buy mine or digital storm. they are similar. same cost\effectiveness.
    pay more get more.

    problems with wow? with pandas or next expansion? no way. really... its 80 fps at least.

    originpc is beautiful but so expensive...

    do your friend need a monitor? is it for games too?
  5., thats my AMD suggestion because im a fanboy haha :p
  6. Go with the first pc filippi linked.. God that's a NICE build and it's not even overpriced. It's a miracle lol. Seriously, go for it. 4670k + 7950 make a very decent gaming pc and the fast cores of the 4670k will be perfect for WoW and Skyrim.

    Also forget AMD and the Dell Alienware pc.. they put an expensive workstation cpu in a gaming pc????? Makes no sense and it's 100% waste of money compared to a 4670k. Unless you do things like rendering.
  7. Thanks I really appreciate the help guys. And yes filippi for both. A monitor and for gaming. I owe him so I will get both so he can join me back on wow.
  8. go to this site
    amazing gaming pc runs all games runs bf4 on ultra too

    AMD Athlon II X4 760K 3.8GHz Quad-Core Processor

    ECS A55F2-M4(1.0) Micro ATX FM2 Motherboard

    Crucial 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR3-1333 Memory

    Western Digital AV-GP 500GB 3.5" 5400RPM Internal Hard Drive

    Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition 2GB Video Card

    Apevia X-TRPJR-NW-BK/450 ATX Mid Tower Case w/450W Power Supply

    LG GH22NS90B DVD/CD Writer
  9. Give your friend this :

    and buy him same monitor i said you yesterday.

    Its a i3 4330 + Radeon R9 270 build. Fairly moderate gaming machine. R9 270 = HD 7870 (check out my early post for reference)
    i3 4330 can play wow all right. He should get 60 fps at least.
  10. Thats a really good pc as well, i3 4330 has blazing fast cores so wow should run perfect. 7870 will max wow out.
  11. Thanks Filippi!! Just ordered both computers the first from newegg (ibuypower) and the second I got the vanquish 2. Bought the monitors as well. Will the PSU be a problem for either of those comps? And I now still have roughly 1200 left. Any ideas for a gaming laptop for the same purposes? For when I travel? I was thinking the Asus G750 jw after some research.
  12. Are those four comps any good compared to the vanquish cause I can refund and re purchase one of those for him?
  13. mike2695 said:

    They are all good computers. But for a gaming pc a strong gpu is very important.
    That been said, the last one has indeed a very good GPU. But that FX-8120 could be a problem.

    For rendering go FX-8120 for sure. For WOW maybe i3-4330 will give him a better performance.
  14. Ok I'll stick with the vanquish I already ordered. Last question and I'll be done here :) would that laptop be a good one or should I opt for alienware. I know their desktops could not compete with a lot of other brands but I hear their laptops are on a totally different ball park in comparison with others???
  15. mike2695 said:
    Ok I'll stick with the vanquish I already ordered. Last question and I'll be done here :) would that laptop be a good one or should I opt for alienware. I know their desktops could not compete with a lot of other brands but I hear their laptops are on a totally different ball park in comparison with others???

    This ASUS G75 is a 1080p notebook with a I7 CPU and a class 1 mobile gpu, This is a strong gaming notebook for $1300.

    IdeaPad Y510p is a very good brand for very good price/performance gaming notebooks. There are $800 - $900 options and they all can play 2013 games.

    That been said, ASUS 765M GPU is stronger than Y510p 750/755.

    This is your money. Its worth to see though:
  16. You can find even a Y510p with a GT755M SLI for $1,199.00. This is high-end class 1. Check out "more models".

  17. Which one would be more worth it. Idc for any other games besides the ones stated above. They both look really nice though :-) so whichever one will play the games better and more futureproof
  18. Best answer
    This Y510p with a GT755M SLI for $1,199.00 is the strongest one.
  19. Ok cool thanks so much for everything. Just found out my bro wanna play too so he gave me the money for the one you recommended and I reordered the vanquish 4 this time. Gonna test both and see which one I like more though :-)
  20. happy gaming my friend. cheers!
  21. I know this is very late after but my budget recently increased for a gaming laptop to 1,500 which one for wow and skyrim max settings?

    Or is there anything better for my budget range?
  22. It has good specs but I don't trust toshiba for gaming. Even though wow is not very demanding I know toshiba from personal experience with heating issues and gpu failure. Plus I have friends that tell me stay away so I rather not. The ones I posted were recommended by other tech savvy people that play wow religiously. But I always like to double check here. Also it seems these are more like desktop replacements.
  23. You guys crack me up. Seriously. I know people playing WoW on really crappy computers and it plays just fine with the video options set accordingly. True computer speeds come down to bus speeds, voltage through components, and true compatibility which no one has mentioned with all the components being talked about. Brand is practically insignificant as most integrated circuits are almost all made by the same companies. Now, with all that being said, to play WoW all that is really needed is a computer that exceeds the specs and a GRAPHICS CARD. Its all in the video card. Spend all your money on the Video Card. An SSD will help too but not as much as Video Card.......Should I say it a few hundred more times? Video Card, Video Card, Video Card..........I'm running a 5 year old i7 and an EVGA GTX 470 Superclocked. I can run wow on max settings with no problems what so ever. In fact, the GTX 480, which can be found for around $99, still out specs some of the newer cards. One more time, VIDEO CARD......
  24. Necroposters... You cannot say "crappy computers", "all in the video card", "spend all your money on the video card" and after that use your own I7 build as an example. Any I7 build w/ a decent gpu will give high fps w/ good settings in WOW. Any I7 will still be a strong cpu for games.


    Even for BF4.
  25. people were knocking on alienware for the workstation 'cough' apu but this apu is designed to handle very graphic and processor intensive feedback which is why my alienware 14 in laptop runs warcraft on ultra at about 140 to 160 fps in populated areas and about 75 in 25 man normals which I limit to 60
  26. That's a very nice pick....
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