Which should I choose? UEFI or BIOS Windows 7 Installation?

I have a computer I built a year ago, and have recently slotted a new SSD inside and was installing windows 7 64-bit from scratch (I had cloned my old Win7 installation from my old laptop before) I had chosen to use UEFI, but am having problems with my WiFi card that are OS/Driver related (it works in Parted Magic), even though the device in question does have a 64bit driver. My SSD is somewhat faulty, and I am sending it back to Samsung who'll wipe it in the process of repairing it.

Should I install the UEFI or the BIOS version of Win7 Ultimate? Would installing the UEFI version of Windows cause compatibility issues with PCIe devices? My PCIe graphics card works fine on a x16 slot, but my x1 WiFi card won't go. I am not using a hard drive greater than 2TB to boot from, only a 3TB for storage partitioned as GPT.

Many Thanks
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  1. It depends on if you have a UEFI or 'old fashioned' BIOS. That's the difference.
  2. Is it likely to cause compatibility issues with PCIe devices, or any other for that matter?
  3. If your OS isn't 'talking' to your subsytem properly, who knows what can happen. I'm not an expert, but my $.02
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