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So, here's my problem, I had a friend of mine hold on to my computer for a week while I was out of town, and in light of this I set up a standard user name for him. Well, somehow within the course of the week, he managed to make my username hidden from the log in screen, and now I seem to have no way of getting into my username, I've tried using command prompt, I've tried going in through the registry. I've even tried booting it into safe mode, but for some reason, no matter what I try, I can't gain any access to any kind of admin privileges to un-hide my username. If it's ANY help, I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit edition.
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    follow the instructions Here

    it will change the login screen to press control alt delete, you will then be able to type your own username and password, you will then be able to log in yourself.
  2. Tried that, got an error saying "Access Denied". Gonna try a system restore from the windows install disc and see it that helps, I should have a restore point from just before I let my friend hold on to my computer.
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