i7 4770K, Clock higher?

Hi Guys,

Just got a Corsair H80i for my 4770K...

Got the following stats after a 20 minute torture test on prime95:

Core voltage: 1.22V
Clock Speed: 4.5Ghz
Average core temperatures (H80i fans at MAX speed):

67.5 deg
67.7 deg
67.0 deg
66.1 deg

CPU package MAX temperature: 69 deg

Is it safe to clock higher? I figure i have another 5 or 6 degrees headroom for the IHS temp:

Do I have a good chip? From what I've read, the 4770K is a lil shy when it comes to overclocking.

Thanks guys
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  1. 4.5 is good, I've heard many people can't pass 4.2. I think Haswell can operate all the way up to 105, but I'd personally keep it below 75.
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    You can try to go a little higher up to 75C, It can take 80C but thats borderline danger zone imo, according to intel 105C is the max throttling occurs after that. But since it's just stress testing I don't think any normal program would cause temps to go that high in general.
  3. Thanks guys

    Will try and push it a lil harder and post my results.
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