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Hello All,
I need a new monitor so I have been looking around at some options. I don't really want to spend anymore than 250 bucks, but anything less is great. I was also wondering if there is going to be a big difference between gaming on a TV and gaming on a Monitor. I would like a monitor/tv that is 24IN+. Please post your favorites/your monitors.
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    For most gaming you want to look for a monitor that has a low response time, under 5 ms, less is better. That is essentially how fast the monitor can change a pixel from one color to another color. Slow times create ghosting effects. For $250 you are going to get a much better screen by buying a computer monitor vs a TV. I personally use an ASUS VS-247P-H (23.6 inches) and I really like it. The colors are nice and vibrant. I would say the biggest downside is the screen is pretty bright, and as you turn down the brightness if you like to game in a dark room, the colors start to lose their vibrancy. There is also the VS-248P-H which is a full 24" monitor. Both are available on Newegg for under $200. They can be found for around $150 on sale/rebate fairly often.
  2. Thanks, I'll look into that.
    I was thinking about and Asus Monitor.
  3. Although I looked online and I could not find them on NewEgg, could you post a link?
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