Computer running slow moving to new case...

TOPIC, any ideas? Dont get it. Using same everything just moved from a Coolermaster 932 to a Fractal Design Define R4 and now my build is running a bit slower, even the boot. I am using brand new SATA cables that came with my ASUS MOBO but otherwise same everything else. Any ideas? Everything is plugged in properly... Thanks.
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  1. BTW here are my specs:

    Windows 7 64 bit
    AMD FX 8320 Black Edition
    ASUS M5A95FX PRO R.2 Motherboard
    12gb G.skill DDR3 memory at 1600
    ZOTAC GTX 770
    Creative Labs Sound Blaster Recon3D Sound card
    Rocketfish (Huntkey) 900watt Power Supply
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