Please help! GTX 770, Which one do I pick?

Hey guys,
I want to get a GTX 770 to replace my Radeon hd 7950 that gigabyte is refusing to honor the warranty. I am looking at evga and asus models and I am overwhelmed. Which do you guys recommend? I've heard that evga is better with customer service, which is important. And they are an American company. Thanks,
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  1. This is my favorite question,

    I would suggest MSI or the Gigabyte GTX 770 cards, 'cause they have a very good cooling system and are the most reliable.
  2. Read this comparison review:

    Personally, I like them all. Also, Asus makes some of the quietest coolers.
  3. I can vouch for the first EVGA 770 on your list, i have the 4gb version and gets great fps and looks great too. As far as customer service for the US im not sure as im from the UK. Good luck with your choice.
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    The evga dual, the first one, will be the best performing out of those as it has the highest over clock. I'd just go with that. My brother got a similar model and hasn't had any problems, plus it looks amazing in person. EVGA does have amazing service and warranty replacement, plus a step up program so if the 800 series comes out and you want one of those you just return your card, get the new one and pay the difference.
  5. But if you really have to choose between those 3, I would go with the Asus one if your build is AMD, Asus built, or if you want a card that has great cooling.

    Hope I helped.
  6. I was torn between EVGA and ASUS myself, went with ASUS for the quieter cooling system. Can be easily over-clocked to match the EVGA SuperClock too. Mainly perference & if you care about saving $15 was it, or aesthetics. Asus matched my black/red theme haha.

    Either one will serve you the same imo.
  7. I like The aesthetics of the Asus card but I think I am going to go with the EVGA on the top of my list. Now do you guys think that there's a big difference between two gigs and four gig's of RAM? I'm only running games on one monitor 1920x1080
  8. For one 1080p monitor, 2GB is enough.
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