Advise: Upgrade from an AMD x6 1090T now or wait?

Hi everyone, If those of you better versed in the upcoming CPU scene than me could weigh in here it would be much appreciated.

Anyways, I currently have a near 4 year old Phenom 2 x6 I am considering upgrading to either an i5-4670K or i5-3570K (input on which one would also be appreciated). With one of the microcenter bundles shown here:
it seems I could expect to pay at least $300, which is not an inconsiderable amount.

My dilemma is that I'm fairly satisfied with the x6's performance in my PC games (except maybe Sims 3), but could also appreciate better emulator performance in certain titles with PCSX2 and the Dolphin (for those who don't know, emulators suck down alot of CPU power). I also understand that DDR4 and Intel's Broadwell will be coming in a year or so.

Bearing in mind that I don't plan on upgrading a to new CPU after this one for another 4 years, and the Xbone/ps4 use 8 cores, albeit weak ones, do you Tom's CPU veterans think the 4 core i5-4670K or i5-3570K for $200 or $180 respectively would be an acceptable investment, or should I hold off for the next generation processors? Are those previous prices (with $20-30 off a motherboard) decent, or has anyone know these processors or similar have better sale $ in the past?

Also, I've had limited success overclocking the x6, so I've done what I can for more emulator power there.
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  1. it depends on you entirely. the longer you wait the better performance you would get. if you're happy with the current performance hold off longer if not go for it. either of the i5-s will be faster compared to your current phenom 2.
  2. cpu is still very good you should only upgrade your gpu if you have a old one. that for sure can make a difference
  3. Emulators are very buggy and emulation in general isn't an exact art, I think even if you don't do anything the PS2 emulators can only get better over time, and you'll see performance increases anyway. I know that when I started emulating on my laptop about 2 or 3 years ago, many games couldn't get playable frames, and the ones that did often played at 40 ish fps (this was with version 0.9.8 or something similar), but recent versions have been much better.

    And since you're fairly satisfied with your CPU in other functions, I'd say it's best to wait, there will be better things later
  4. Save your money and wait.

    A lot of people are still recommending getting ahold of Phenom II 965s.

    What kind of motherboard do you have? (AM3, or AM3+) If had has a decent amount of phases with its VRM, with a heatsink, you should consider the option of overclocking. Also, AM3+ is still on the roadmap for a bit.
  5. I would hold off until you want to replace the entire system. Due mainly to the core performance is still about the same as what you have. But if you want to upgrade and have am3+ board. Fx6300k is about the same just slightly faster and way easier to overclock .
  6. actually per core performance wise the FX's are actually inferior to higher end Phenom II's, because of shared cache and floating point unit and all that jazz, the FX's completely outclass Phenoms in multithreading and overclocking though, but Phenoms themselves are still respectable overclockers
  7. My motherboard is AM3 only, so no FX even if it wasn't a modest improvement at best. I actually got a 7870 late 2012 and won't be upgrading that for another few years. I've tried overclocking the x6 in the past (even got a nice aircooler for it) but was never able to keep it stable more than a few extra hundred mhz. Guess I'll try it out again and at least wait and see what that Broadwell brings to the table. Thanks everyone.
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    If your motherboard doesn't have a decent voltage regulator module, that could give you issues:

    Take it easy, keep it safe, and monitor your temperatures, and you shouldn't have issues.
  9. you could give the multipliers just a slight bump into 1100T levels, or maybe just a bit higher than that, if your motherboard can handle a 1100T stock it can handle a 1090T at 1100T clocks
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