Temperature Question with i5-4670k and Motherboard

Hey guys! So I'm kind of worried about my temperature of the CPU and Motherboard...I just recently built a computer as a first-timer. Anyways, the CPU temp is 34.5 C and the Motherboard is 32 C, which is around 90 degrees F? So....this doesn't sound too good. However, what is idle and under load. I'm guessing when I'm AFK that's idle and when I'm using the PC is when it's under load? Sorry if I'm not making sense. Main point is, is this normal? All help would be appreciated. Thanks for reading/helping!

Note: I have a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo. I used Arctic Silver 5 (pea method) as my thermal paste. I have an ASRock Fatal1ty Z87 Killer Motherboard.
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  1. those temps are fine. even good.
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    Idle is when you are sitting there watching a movie or typing in Wordpad.

    Load is when you are playing Battlefield or compressing videos.

    34c is very low and nothing to worry about. You picked a very good cooler.
  3. Thanks guys! :D
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