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Im having problems gettin my Msi twin frozr r9 290 to work, I tried running power to it with one cable from psu as well as 2 separate cables, reseated it a few times and nothing im wondering if it could be from using hdmi cable instead of dvi?Maybe I need drivers before using hdmi, I dont have dvi d cables in hand right now but thats my next and last thing to try.

Asus maximus vi mobo
Rosewill lighting 1000w
Intel i5 4670k
Os windows 8.1
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  1. you need 2 6+2 pin connectors going to the card and you need to download the drivers first before you can use the card.
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    for me with my HD 7870 I had to use DVI/VGa first, then I could use HDMI. might be the case..might be a coincidence
  3. beezy might be right, hdmi is a digital input while the others are analog, so you may need to find a vga cable to use the card without drivers. I know within CCC there is a HDMI driver in the software.
  4. Well the card is 8/6 pins and I have those in, im hoping the vga/dvi cable will solve this once I get one. Thanx for the info Beezy
  5. there was another guy who bought a VGA adapter just to try this and it didn't work for him so I really hope it fixes it, since youll have to make an additional purchase for it. if you can take your tower and test it w a buddys monitor with his VGA cable that would be best, then you get the drivers and just go hdmi after that.
  6. also make sure BIOS is up to date
  7. Thanx ill try it and see what happens
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