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Hi guys ,
I need advise on which graphic card to get , my budget is 260, mostly going to play bf4 and steam games on max setting. I am looking at 3 cards HIS R9 270x (with free bf4) or MSI gtx 660 or eve gtx 770 , I just need to know just to know which is better of the three for gaming , don't want to spend money on a card if I don't need that much power from it if I don't need it.
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    you need to look into if that specific card you're buying actually is one of the cards that get a free bf4. they screwed over a lot of people who thought they were getting a bf4 but actually weren't. If you don't have bf4 and plan to play it a lot, i'd go with the 270x and get a free $60 game. if you already have it I would go with a gtx 760, or if you can spend the money the 770 is a much better card and will be able to max bf4 on 1080p for you, which none of the others are capable of.
  2. Yes i kind of figured that would happen , so are you saying the 760 won't play bf4 on max
  3. no, the 770/280x are the minimum cards needed to play bf4 at 1080p. 760 will give you good quality, just not max it out. If you are using less than a 1080p screen then the 760 might be able to max it out with lowered AA settings.
  4. My screen is not 1080p its max res is 1440x1040
  5. well shiet, in that case a 270x will suit you fine.
  6. Sweet , saved me a lot of money , thanks
  7. Also I know nvida makes the cards but how they have MSI or Asus next to them , are they the same nvida cards or msi varient
  8. well the 270x is an amd card, the nvidia counterpart would be the 760 or so. the way graphics cards work is nvidia and amd will make the GPU and put it on the standard PCB for a gpu and put their own cooler on there. MSI and similar companies then get contracts with nvidia and amd to get their cards, which they can add their own specific coolers too and swap out a few select parts on the boards that nvidia and amd give the OK to do so. You can think of it as an MSI variant of a card, but these are always better then what amd and nvidia initially put out.
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