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I basically just built a new system. All the core components are new, except my storage drives which I’m recycling from my previous system. I’ve been having some issues with blue screens when booting up on my previous system and I suspect it’s corrupt windows files on my SSD. Putting together new system went relatively smoothly and once I installed my old drives to the new computer, the system would randomly freeze. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing—playing games, surfing the web, listening to music, browsing through my files, etc. I cannot ctr+alt+del nor do anything except reset or hard shutdown. It hasn’t even been 24 hours since I built my new system, and I must’ve had over a dozen random freezes. I figured it was high time I do a fresh reinstall in hopes that it would solve the issue.

However, even when I try to do a fresh reinstall of win7 it would randomly freeze before the process can complete and there’s no telling when it would do so, which is very frustrating.

I haven’t extensively tested my new RAM, but I did run memtest for about 2 hour with no errors, so I’m presuming that it’s not due to faulty RAM.

I’m at a lost of what could be causing the issue.
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  1. might the hard drive itself? have you ever ran tests on it?
  2. I was finally able to get windows reinstalled on my SSD when I swapped out my RAM sticks for a pair on another system. No random freezes happened during the process and I was able to install some apps without any hiccups.

    I decided to insert my RAM sticks again for a over night run of memtest and it checked out with no errors. This morning I booted up with my own RAM... and ironically, my computer froze on me as I was replying back to this thread. It passed memtest for 8 hours to only freeze on me in less than 12 minutes in windows. So currently I'm using the other pair of sticks in my system now and testing my RAM on the other system to see if anything happens there.

    My motherboard is a msi z87-g41
    My RAM is Team Elite Plus (2x4 gb) ddr 1333

    There shouldn't be any incompatibility issues?
  3. I'm assuming your RAM is this?

    and there shouldn't be any, most motherboards can handle most RAM, it's just the voltage ratings you have to look out for really, and your RAM kit seems pretty standard and should have no issues with an Intel processor and mobo... Unless its just a bad kit of RAM, but you ran memtest for half a day so that shouldn't be the problem...

    exactly what CPU are you running?
  4. My ram is actually

    Ever since I've swapped RAM this morning, my system has been running fine. I've inserted my RAM into the other system and it, too, has been running fine up to this point. So I really do not know what the issue is. Maybe I'll have to use another RAM stability program to test it.

    My system:
    CPU- 4670K
    RAM- see above link
    MB- Z87-G41

    Other system:
    CPU: FX 8350
    MB: ??
    RAM: crucial ballistix
  5. maybe it is an incompatibility issue then, I mean you never know, MSI doesn't list the team elite RAM kits on their memory support page for that particular motherboard, but those memory support lists are dubious at best because they only list RAM they've tested internally, and anything they didn't test gets left out.
  6. I've concluded that one stick was causing all the issue so I decided to RMA them back. I went to my nearest computer store and got a pair of new modules, even though I ended up paying like $15 more than my original pair after taxes. So far everything seems to be working fine.
  7. alright, what works will work, best of luck to you! :)
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