I'm making both of my one terabyte hard drives a raid 0, but I have existing data on one of them, is there a way to not lose t

I have read many posts on here about a raid 0 without losing what is already existing on the hard drive before going under a raid transition, I was wondering if anyone can explain and help me through the process.
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  1. 1. Ask yourself why you want or need a RAID 0 array. Your data will be at a higher risk of loss when in RAID 0. If one disk fails all data is lost and 2TB is a lot of data to loose.
    2. Ensure your MB supports RAID.
    3. Back up your files to another disk that will not be in the RAID. The creation of the array will cause loss of your files.
    4. In your UEFI/BIOS or BIOS of add in RAID card set your storage to RAID and select the disks you want to add to the array.
    5. Install windows if you plan on installing it on the array. If you are not installing windows on the array you may be able to boot directly into windows and format the disk in windows
    6. If your windows install is on the same controller that you change to RAID you may not be able to get windows to load. this is because the controller was changed to RAID and windows is expecting it to be IDE or AHCI however it is currently configured. If this happened you will need to go back into the BIOS/UEFI and change the controller back to AHCI or IDE (whatever it was). You should then be able to boot back into windows. You will then need to change your disk controller driver to RAID. The system will tell you that you need to reboot. After it shuts down you can rebuild your array in the UEFI/BIOS.
    7. I do not recommend using such a large RAID 0 array.
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