Can i run skyrim with an enb?

Im wondering if ill be able to play skyrim with an enb with these specs:

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965

Memory:8 gb

Video Card: gtx 660 3gb

If anyone could help that would be awesome!

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  1. High presets.
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    you might be able to handle some of the lower performance ones, it's really CPU heavy so you might need to turn down some settings in order to run any type of ENB setting
  3. so do i need a cpu upgrade?
  4. Yes, you need to upgrade your CPU.....
  5. any recommendations?
  6. madlyhot6 said:
    any recommendations?

    would you mind to tell us the mobo you're using ?
  7. it will run as it is so try it and see
  8. lol yeah at least try to run an ENB before upgrading your CPU, you don't even know if you can run it or not yet
  9. Got the game and it can take it...barely. Thanks
  10. alright, there's alright a bit more you can do that might increase performance for you, search up on how to unpack BSA files with a mod manager or something, and unpack the BSA files in the game folder, it will take up A LOT more hard drive space, but your files will be loose/uncompressed, so your computer can access them quicker and load them into memory, this may boost performance out in the open fields (not really in towns) where the large amounts of grass/trees/land and other assets may lower your FPS or cause you to stutter a lot.
  11. Thanks that actually improved my fps a bit
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