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Hello I need a graphics card that uses very low power, is single slot, is nvidia and can play back 1080p blu ray without any lags. And maybe netflix and hulu. It cannot be amd and it must draw all power from the card slot and use ultra little power.
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  1. What cpu do you have if your using an a10 or i5 2500+ you can just use the integrated stuff.
  2. 640, 630 and 620 gt are all nvidia cards that would work and only draw power from the slot. Obviously the 640 is highest performing and most expensive so take your pic as far as how much money you're looking to spend.
  3. why can it not be AMD...? curious and as the guy above posted any of the basic 620/630/640 would work.

    In my opinion I would have advised an AMD 7750 that is superior to the 640 in most ways but you seem to not want AMD.
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    For your requirements, a GeForce GT 610 is what you are looking for.
    More than capable of 1080p blu-ray playback, and drawing a maximum of 29W.
    Actual power draw in typical use is likely lower.

    The GeForce GT 620/630/640 all meet your requirements as well.
    The maximum power draw on these cards is higher, but actual power draw while watching a movie is probably very similar.
  5. Hi,

    I recently bought a 5670 for my home theatre pc. the reference cooler one is only single slot but maybe quite loud sometimes but you can pick one up on ebay for about 30 quid

    Hope this helped

  6. Thanks GT610 it is. And to just explain why i cant have a 7750 is because the computer is running SoftXPand and i have sli GTX 760s and a 3770k. I have 6 workstations on it and 2 are TVs and i wanted a low power cheap gpu that could run the 2 tvs.
  7. there would be driver conflicts wouldnt there be?
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