Windows XP won't install on new machine? Hardware too new?

I just got this A8 eyfinity processor and motherboard and all the other junk needed including case.
I do not have a videocard nor a soundcard BUT the motherboard takes care of those.

I really really really hate windows 8 (windows h8, someone called it and i'd have to agree).
And I would like very much to put Windows XP on this computer.

For whatever reason, it will not go on, my friend put windows 8 on it cause he had a copy
sitting around that he's not using (probably because it sucks so much) ... the more I learn of
how to use this windows 8, the less that I like about it and I've hated it from the start.
I really dislike the Metro thing; there should really be a choice given, and I miss the start menu.
Now you've gotta do some strangeness just to get to control panel and nothing makes much
sense to me as to how things are laid out ... the ONLY good thing about it that I've found so far is that it seperates the processes into apps, background, or windows ... I REALLY DESPISE being forced to have a retard menu pop up in my face every time I want to go to something.

So yea, I've pretty much had it with Windows 8 already, and it's not that I don't know how to use
because I do, it's not that hard to figure out, just really damn annoying in how it lays everything
out and displays everything up in your face. Just sayin' I really want my Windows XP back.

I'd still be using my good 'ol hp laptop that has lasted me over 11 years if the fans in it didn't
all die on me. It's gonna be hell replacing those without messing the thing up.
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    windows xp will install on newer hardware but there some bugs that are there. first bug is windows xp does not like the new formatting of the newer hard drives out there. windows xp to run on a newer hard drive you have to change the byte formating to the old 512k not the newer 4k.
    the other issue is windows xp does not have the updated driver data base that windows 8 has. when you install windows xp you have to make a driver usb or cd with the inf files for the amd or intel chipset drivers and all the drivers on the motherboard. when windows xp starts you have to hit f6 advance mode and install the drivers that way.
    right now im running windows 8.1 and i use free clasic start bar that make windows 8 look like windows 7 or xp.
  2. So can you tell us what happens when you try to install Windows XP on it? That will really help us pin point what the problem is rather than saying it won't let you.
  3. Thank you smorizio, seems like you've hit the mark with your answer to me. That must be what's happening. Thanks for the links too.

    Sorry bmanv13, I don't remember and I can't because this windows 8 is only borrowed until I get an OS that works; meaning I don't have a disk for it so if I mess anything up trying to install XP again without fully knowing what I am doing and that it will work for sure I could very well
    end up without an OS at all; and as much as I dislike the feel of win 8, it's better than nothing.

    I'll probably end up buying windows 7 because I hear it's good, but I'm concerned that support for it will fade pretty quick because of windows 9 to come out in 2015 ... but I am worried that windows 9 will be as bad as windows 8 so am not sure if I should wait for that or not, especially since this win 8 is
    only borrowed and my friend tinkers with computers and may want to use win 8 at some point so i'll need to remove it then. Not sure how long I can wait.

    Is windows 7 similar to XP in design, on the look and feel side of things? Is it as good as win XP has been to me all these years?
  4. windows xp was more for work/servers. windows 7 was more for home users. it has a newer aero desktop. if you like to see what windows 7 looks and feels use the free classic shell go under settings and select windows 7 areo. it act just like windows 7. in a few months time microsoft will drop beta of windows 9 for people to kick around and look for bugs and get there feedback on it. from they way microsoft got burnt with the missing start button and that most people dont like the new metro feel of windows. (i have classic shell and windows 8.1 set up to bypass the metro tiles and go into my desktop.
    8.1 is a free upgrade to 8.0 users. it in the widows store to update windows 8.0.
  5. Thanks again smorizio, you're a lifesaver, I'm definitely going to be looking into the windows 9 beta when it comes out.
    I can't remember the reason, but was told not to upgrade to 8.1 but to do upgrades only falling under 8.0.
    I'll have to ask my friend why that was, or maybe I misunderstood.

    I was also told not to register because they take a picture of your hard drive
    and if something happens to where you want to take it off of that computer and put it on another, you can't.
    Or at least that's how I understood it <shrugs>. If that's the case, it's pretty damn lame of Microsoft; I mean
    as long as it's only one copy you are using at a time, shouldn't you be allowed to use that copy how you see fit?

    At any rate, I really appreciate your help. Maybe with that classic shell win 8 won't be so bad. Does it kill the Metro thing?
    You know, I think what they should do is instead of putting the desktop under Metro, they should put Metro under a window
    on the desktop and set it up so it can launch at start full screen for those who like it, and simply be closed and set not to ever run for those who don't.
    When it's running, things work Metro style, and when it's not, things work Desktop style.

    I'm gonna try classic shell for now and see what happens.
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