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I haven't bought an ssd yet, but I'm planning on buying one. I already have a 3TB HDD with everything I have installed. I'm thinking of putting the software/ programs I need to load up quickly into the ssd (browsers, games, etc) and keep everything onto the other hard drive.

I do not know if I can keep the OS files in the 3TB HDD to make the hybrid setup to work. The computer boots up fast right now, so I don't think I want to reinstall the OS on the ssd (had to reinstall before after my first HDD broke, forgot to deactivate all my software & OS keys, and had to contact many companies to get new product keys). This is why I'm kind of iffy on doing the whole reinstallation process again. Is it possible to keep the bootup on the SATA HDD, then just allocate the ssd space to make it usable (ex: Disk Management -> allocate space -> install programs directly to ssd)?

There are only certain programs I want to load faster in the ssd, so I wonder if I have to reinstall Windows OS to the ssd as well (and go through the installation process from the CD).
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    Buy an SSD, clone your disk into the SSD, and run a safe RAID 1 set-up from two HDDs. Since you have only certain programs you want to load faster in SSD - I suggest 120GB to be the minimum, and 256GB if you want to have a bit more headroom.
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