will formatting my sd card delete whole thing

Have quite a few files on my sd card I want to delete. Have highlighted selection and attempted to delete. Keeps saying deletion has failed. Is formatting my card my only option as I have loads of files I wish to keep.
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  1. Hi

    is this sd card in a camera when you try to delete or in a card reader attached to PC (Windows or Linux)

    Copy all files off card (if you can)

    Then try formatting in camera
    then if that suceeds run diagnostic software to check the card for damage

    h2testw fills card or usb device with 1GB files then verifys the files can be read back and their checksum is correct

    usually used to check for frankenstein fake devices which lie about true capacity
    eg 16GB usb memory stick pretending to be 64GB USB stick and once more than 16GB put on it the data vanishes for ever.
    This is useful for checking cheap usb & card memory before use


    Mike Barnes
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