Video Card Works in One Motherboard, But Not The Other (Same PSU)

Hi all, I have a EVGA 9800 GTX+. This card works when I put it in my MSI motherboards (Tested in 2 motherboards)

However, in my Dell Vostro 230 motherboard when I plug the card in to the PCI-E slot and boot the computer up all the fans spin and everything however I get no signal and the numlock key does not light up (the other locks for my computer will not respond if pressed)

Now the weird thing is this - The Vostro is rocking a 500 w PSU with 24 amps on the 17v.

When I put my GTX 650 TI in the Vostro or an Integrated Card it boots fine.

The 9800 GTX+ boots fine on a MSI mobo with an i7-3770k and another msi motherboard with an amd phenom 980. - the PSU

Please note that the Vostro 230 runs fine off its integrated card as well as a 650 TI (With the same PSU)

The only thing I can think of is perhaps because the GTX+ 9800 is so massively huge compared to the 650 ti that it is touching the case or something to short circuit it.

Again - the fans spin

I should add this 9800 GTX+ is a very weird card. For one, if I update the NVIDIA drivers past 178.14 it gets no signal upon booting to windows.

TLDR: Why would a card work in one motherboard and not another?

Not a PSU Issue (Since same PSU was used), Not a broken motherboard (650 ti works fine)...?

Also - this card posts nothing upon booting at bios, just a blank - (dash).

The 9800 GTX+ runs fine on my i7-3770k PC though, this is what has baffled me.

Any ideas?

Perhaps the case is short circuiting or something?

Again all fans come on but no bios beeps, no signal, no keyboard lights.

EDIT: This cards runs fine on my i7-3770k and my Phenom , but I have to use 178.14 rev nvidia drivers or I get no signal upon booting to windows. Any idea if these two problems could be related?
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  1. Make sure drivers higher than 178.14 does support the 9800gtx+, as for the GPU not running in your Dell, it could be that it's BIOS might be older than the GPU and thus it doesn't support it (I've no idea how recent that vostro is).
  2. The weird thing with that radical is bios is latest version, also the mobo supports a GTX 650 TI which is much newer then the 9800 GTX+.

    As far as the drivers, if I install anything above rev 178.14 drivers I get no signal to monitor upon booting to windows in normal mode (and have to revert drivers to a previous version)

    Any other advice/thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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    The only thing I can come up with is that the PC with the Vostro mobo is using more power than the other builds, given that your PSU only has 24A@12V+ its likely that there's not enough amperage to run the 9800GTX+
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