sound system problem of lenovo G570 laptop

hello,i am having a problem in my sound system of lenovo laptop.sometimes it is having a typical sound while playing a song.and after restarting it gets ok.but again after few days the sound system is getting the same sound while playing any song.i have checked the speaker is fine.then what is happening?i cant understand what is the problem going on.i will be really grateful if you help me out.thanking you
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  1. Sorry, but we don't get the problem! What is a 'typical sound'?
  2. noidea_77 said:
    Sorry, but we don't get the problem! What is a 'typical sound'?

    typical sound means the tempo of that song gets slower suddenly and it is disturbing the sound system.and also my other jobs like if another browser is opened or something like that then the flow of that site or speed of internet is getting disturbed as well as my keyboard and monitor is also not responding as comparison to its typing. and getting slower.after restarting my system again it is getting normalized.
    please help me it a problem of sound system?
  3. That sounds like a general problem with your laptop, like overheating or a disk problem. Do you see relevant error messages in event viewer?
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