does my mobile intel HM87 express support intel core i7 processor

Hi i currently have a Asus N550LF and it has intel HM87 express motherboard and im thinking of upgrading my laptop and i wanted to know does it support any intel core i7 processor if so will you give me a list of processor it supports and can i upgrade my graphic card to geforce gtx 780M or similar on this laptop
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  1. The CPU & GPU cannot be upgraded on a laptop. They are both permanently attached to the motherboard.

    If you want the freedom to upgrade things like that, you need to buy a desktop PC, not a laptop.
  2. You can upgrade the CPU if the name of CPU contains an 'm' (ie. i5 4200m or i7 4700mq), it can not be upgraded if the name contains a 'u' or an 'h'(ie. i7 4510u or i7 4720hq). The GPU most likely can not be upgraded. If you have a GTX 760m, 770m, 780m, 870m, 880, 970m, or 980m, it can be upgraded, but each laptop GPU may have a different form factor, so you will have to find the same form factor GPU with an MXM slot. Also you may need to change your laptop's power brick to a more powerful one if you change the CPU or GPU.
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