Best fan controller (Most amount of options etc - Price doesn't matter)

i want to know what the best fan controller right now is. (Doesn't matter if it is built in)
-Most amount of options
-Best material etc
-Price doesn't matter
And what is the best fan controller for it's price and for it's amount of options?

I am thinking about the NZXT Sentry LX being the FC with the most amount of options
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  1. I have the NZXT sentry 2 and love it, well maybe not love but I have no problems with it, I even used 2 of the thermometer 2 pin inputs for the liquid thermo sensors in my custom loop and works like a charm. I believe its only 3 pin for fans though not 4, and of those 3 pins it has an input for, it only uses 2 pins.

    Price was the factor in mine, for $20 its a good strong unit, works well. as for anything with more bells and whistles, go to, hey have a lot of nice and expensive ones, with plenty of features.
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