best gaming laptop money can buy?

Guys, i have a question.
i need info. on top gaming laptops money can buy in 2014.
the could be half a year old, or they could be upcoming.
i don't care about the price, i just want sick info on them.

so, what say?
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  1. Bettet get a desktop and an ordinary i5 laptop .Otherwise , it will cost you a lot .
    Gamers laptops have a separate openning for cooling of the gpu .
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    Arguably, one of the best gaming laptops to buy is the 18" Alienware 18 which has a Core i7-4700MQ CPU and dual nVidia GTX 780m SLI. Click the link below, you can select the $2,099 model which by default comes with dual GTX 765m SLI, then you can upgrade to dual GTX 770m SLI for $450, or for an additional $1,000 you select dual GTX 780m SLI for a total price of $3,099 excluding other upgrades and taxes.
  3. OriginPC does good gaming laptops.

    Their 17 inch SLI model can compete with the alienware. Then, fill it with SSDs, and it will outperform. It's just considerably more expensive.
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