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I purchased an ATI Radeon HD 4350 for purpose of attaching my computer to a flatscreen television. One of the selling points for me is that it advertised "Built-in HDMI with 7.1 surround sound support." However when the graphics card arrived, there are VGA, DVI, and S-video ports on the back - and not HDMI. I purchased this card solely so that I could use an HDMI port with the audio so now I feel as if I purchased the card for nothing. Did I misunderstand or is this false advertising?
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    Link to where you bought the card from?

    Also, always check the pictures and the "output ports line" to make sure they match and have what you want. The 4350 does support HDMI with 7.1 support and can do sound over DVI to an HDMI cable, its just more awkward.
  2. ok, so I can just use a DVI to HDMI adaptor then. It's not a total loss then. Thanks for the info.

    I bought the card from amazon and the picture shown on their site doesn't look like the graphics card I received (in heat sink nor circuit configuration). The pictures don't show the ports end-on either. I sort of assumed the "gap" from the side view of the card (between the VGA and DMI) was the HDMI, it's actually the S-video.
    What I ordered:

    What I received:
  3. On the vast majority of 4350s that gap is an HDMI port.

    Are you sure what you received is a 4350? It is vastly different from what it shown in the picture, so i'd make sure they didn't try to swap it with a 3450 or something older, S-video is old and pretty well dead and has been for quite a while, I honestly don't know why i even found 1 4350 offering S-video.
  4. After doing a little digging, it IS indeed that card that came in its product box, etc... The card pictured in the amazon listing is not that card however. I managed to scrounge up a picture on the internet that pictures the card I received with the box it came in (the box displaying the performance data and - the HDMI features I wanted). I just need to get the adapter which best buy should have. If it works with the HDMI adapter then I'll be happy with that since I'm just using it to connect to the TV. If it doesn't work I'll just simply return it.

    I just wonder how I should rate the shipper since the picture provided wasn't representative of the actual product.
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