7.1 not working via hdmi on M5a78l-musb3 motherboard

I am now at the stage of throwing said motherboard out of the window.
My problem is trying to get full HD 7.1 via my Onkyo TXsr607 AVR.
I am running a HDMI from comp to AVR but on sound its says 2.0
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  1. You need HDMI 1.3 to go 5.1 and I don't know which version for 7.1. Make sure which version you have, check the cable. Is it 1.3 or lower?

    2nd options - go to your Audio driver settings. Set it to 7.1.
  2. Hi , yeah my hdmi is 1.4 which is ok for 7.1 and th settings on the audio driver part doesnt give me the option to change it from 2.0
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