Moving and reinstalling NVIDIA drivers for a Radeon video card

I have a Radeon HD 7770 card installed in my Windows 8, Dell XPS 8500 for my 2 monitors. The NVIDIA drivers for it were eating up my SSD so I asked Dell if I could move it to my 2 TB "F" drive. "Sure," I was told. "Just uninstall it and re-install it to F." As soon as I uninstalled it, my monitors didn't work. I managed to plug one monitor into the motherboard (which only worked after pulling out and unplugging the Radeon card), downloaded the NVIDIA drivers, and tried to install them. The drivers will only install if the Radeon card is in the PC, but the monitors don't work if the card is in the PC, so I'm in this horrible loop! Does anyone know how to solve this?
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  1. Your Radeon HD is made by AMD not NVIDIA. You need AMD's drivers:
    I'm not sure why the drivers are eating up your space, they're not a big download..
  2. Great idea - I honestly don't who why I didn't think of that.

    I tried that this morning, but the same problem persists. Any other ideas?
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