What intel i7 processor could it be?

i apologize if this kind of questions are not allowed and please ignore my noobness about intel. my older brother just gifted me his computer with one condition, whichever i choose (mine or his) he will sell the other one. since his computer is not here (and he also used his as hackintosh) i cant really access to it yet, and cant see the cpu. all i can remember is it is approximately 2 years old, a black edition (black box, and i think it means extreme edition) i7. he purchased it for about 1200 usd from turkey. it was the newest and most expensive i7 to that date, but when i check the wikipedia i see there are i7 cpus even when it was 2008. can anyone tell me or make an educated guess about this cpu's model? and it would be perfect if you could just send me to a direction so i can check if that or my amd fx 8350 is better one for gaming (mostly)

edit: if i am not mistaken he is using it with either 2100 or 2200 MHz ddr3 ram
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  1. I wish it were that simple, but we're going to need to know the exact cpu. Cross your fingers that it's an i7 2600K.
  2. it could be a 2600k, but i guessed that there are only a limited number of extreme editions, arent there? what could be the worse and what could be the best possible cpu?
  3. The only black edition cpu's intel have released near recently are the nehalem 975, in mid '09, or the 3960/70x
    at the end of 2011.
  4. I doubt your bruv would take your 8350 away for a nehalem rig, its probably a step downwards!
  5. If it is a black box i7, then it is a six core "extreme". To my knowledge, there has never been a quad core i7 in a black box.
    It's probably an i7 980x
  6. i checked and even 3960x seems a little better than 8350 (92 score to 82 score) but it is 6 core. are there any worse extreme edition i7s? and do you suggest 3960x over an FX8350 ?

    edit: i7 980x seems an equal to fx 8350, which one do you suggest?
  7. dont go away.
  8. he is not taking mine, he is making me sell the other pc so we can afford moving out from this house to another :D

    i am also hoping for an i7 3970x but i am trying to figure out the worst case scenario and it seems the worst case scenario is i7 980x, which is worse than my fx 8350 as far as i read so far
  9. the fx 8350 cpu mark 9054.

    the 3970X cpu mark, 12838.

    Thats a 40% increase in computation power, spread over less cores.
    It will rince the PANTS out of an 8350, and THE, you can think about overclocking it.
    It makes the fx look like a toy.
  10. Dude there's no way it's the 3970x. That cpu alone was over $1000 two years ago. There's no way that it was included in a whole system for $1200. Sorry. You would be extremely lucky if it's the 3930k.
  11. i think it was 1200 for just the cpu
  12. ah, 3970x is released on november 2012 and i believe my bro purchased it it either early 2012 or end 2011 (november, decemer 2011 or january, februay 2012) so i think it was not a 3970x. is there a list that includes desktop only extreme editions? or can you guys give me a list so i can guess the worst one and compare it to fx8350?

    edit: yes it was 1200 usd for JUST the cpu.
  13. Oh if it was $1200 for just the cpu then it was surely the 3970x which is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than the FX 8350.

    Even the i7 980x would be better than the FX 8350 btw...
  14. CTurbo said:
    Oh if it was $1200 for just the cpu then it was surely the 3970x which is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than the FX 8350.

    Even the i7 980x would be better than the FX 8350 btw...

    but am i wrong, was 3970x available BEFORE march/april 2012? can it be 3960x?

    and is 980x the WORST extreme edition of i7?

    edit: i have found that the gpu he purchased then is gtx 560 which is released on 17 May 2011, so it is probably between 17 may up to 2012
  15. Best answer
    i7 970
    i7 980
    i7 980x
    i7 990x
    i7 3930k
    i7 3960x
    i7 3970x

    Yes it could be the 3960x

    the nehalem was $999 when it came out before xmas 2008. thats 5 years ago. He couldnt have paid $1200 for that pc cpuetc in 2012. It must be a pc with a 6 core which would work out right for the machine price (3970x cpu plus platform). If it is the 6 core keep it and lose the fx.if it isnt, keep the fx. Simples. ;#}
  17. thank you guys, it is probably 39xxX i will keep that one, otherwise fx8350 seems a better option. i will also post when i am certain about the model

    edit: sorry i chose wrong solution :( cant change, my bad
  18. which solution would you like as best solution?

    edit: nvm, you got it
  19. neon neophyte said:
    which solution would you like as best solution?

    ah, i have chosen it now, i asked for a list, and i got a list, and i think it is the best solution to my question but you all helped me, especially when deciding which one is to keep
  20. The 980x was socket 1366. Could get very tricky if the board dies; I.E. they are priced like rocking horse poo;
  21. Hopefully it's the 3960x which was released in late '11
  22. i just hope it is at least a 3930k otherwise i will definitely keep my fx 8350
  23. i would even take a 980x over a 8350
  24. but aren't those softwares older versions? and i believe newer versions are better optimized for multicore cpus?
  25. most of those production programs will use as many cores as you can throw at them
  26. so wouldnt be a 8 core fx better than a 6 core (or 4 core) i7?
  27. nope
  28. i really need to learn the difference of 8 core fx and 4/6 core i7. i heard that 8 cores are not real cores unlike i7, but couldnt find more info on it yet :/
  29. theyre real cores but in the amd offering each core shares its L2 cache with another core whereas the intel cores each have their own.
  30. another thing to take into account is, the amd system probably has more upgradability left in it whereas the 980x is done
  31. i will have to use that computer for at least 3-4 years, and i am thinking to add a gtx 770 to it in a few days :/
  32. well both systems are open to gpu upgrades. it's the cpu im talking about. good chance the 8350 system will take another generation of cpus but the 980x system (assuming it is) is done.
  33. so what would be your ultimate choice? still 980x over fx 8350?
  34. couple things come into play, like, how far would you overclock each processor and do you intend on upgrading the processor in the future
  35. I would probably still take the 980x over the FX 8350. Yes it's a dead end platform but it's better, and it's really not THAT hard to upgrade to a new motherboard and processor at the same time in a few years.
  36. my brother just told me that he is %100 sure that it is 3xxxX but not sure about the exact number. so it lowers the list to 3930,3960 and 3970 right?

    p.s. i am not thinking to overclock and/or will overclock with stock voltage, stock cooler etc. can't risk to damage it or afford to buy extra cooler etc.
  37. Any i7 39xx would stomp the FX 8350 in the ground. That's an easy decision.
  38. CTurbo said:
    Any i7 39xx would stomp the FX 8350 in the ground. That's an easy decision.

    exactly what i thought, thanks :)
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