convert raw to ntfs easily without losing data

I am unable to boot from my windows partition. after spending hours I finally figured out it must have something to do with the partition.

windows bootmanager and system recovery window show 0 MB for this partition. diskpark and list volume is showing this drive is formatted as RAW not NTFS.

Can someone help me figure out how to convert RAW to NTF without losing my data. tried using easus and mini partition manager. might try ubuntu

can you help me figure out how to convert easily so I can get my system up and not lose any data?
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  1. It' gone, sorry.
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    First run hard disk manufacturers recommended diagnostics to look for physical damage to disk

    If no physical damage try TestDisk / PhotoRec software
    Found on universal boot cd 5.0x. , system rescue cd, Parted Magic
    All Linux live cd's.

    Or a bootable Windows Pre installation environment PE
    Which would require a steap learning curve

    TestDisk can rebuild partitions

    If data is important go to a data recovery expert

    Mike Barnes
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