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Asus Maximus VI vs MSI Z87 G45

I am debating between getting an Asus Maximus VI or MSI Z87 G45 LGA 1150. I am not looking to overclock or anything but the fact that the Asus board has EMI interference resistance makes me lean more towards it (My current computer gets significant audio static on youtube and other apps) and I have heard that MSI's quality control and customer support is not as good as Asus but the MSI board is cheaper and imo is better looking (but that really does not matter because most of the time I won't be able to see it). Any suggestions or personal experiences?
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    I would go with the ASUS. Lately, I have seen a lot of issues with MSI Killer Networks adapters that required a PCIe Intel adapter to use Ethernet.
  2. A couple of things I'd also consider:

    1) The ASUS boards have cross shipping in the first year if you need to RMA for some reason (North America).

    2) Online support here and on ROG forums is good if you need help.

  3. i have an msi board z87-g45 and it works unreal i love it compared to the asus z87 pro plus ..i garantee as long as you got a new pc case with some nice coolers that would cost as little as 70 dollars and some good ram and a i7 cpu man its good im using 2100mhz vegengence pro 16gb and a 760 msi 4gb frozer card its unreal and not too expensive .i suppose everybody has different taste but dont read to much in wat other people say .. its all about configuration in the pc world..,. cheers
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