FX-8350 Do these temps seem right?

So I recently got a FX8350 @ stock and I also purchased an h80i corsair water cooler. Here are my results:

Idle - 20C to 30C
Full Load (4.0Ghz) - sits around 45C, max 50C

This seems a tad bit high for stock clocks and I used HWMonitor and Core Temp.

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  1. Those are very good temps for stock.
  2. They look fine to me...

    Note that each site that posts cpu coolers benchmarks may use different methods in order to monitor the components
  3. would it be safe to over clock a bit?
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    Sure, but don't ask how much. It may go easily @5GHz, but it can also stuck @4.3GHz
  5. haha alright ill give it shot and post my results thanks.
  6. from a quick test 4.3Ghz with a boost on the vcore sits us around 60C and im sure that will go up a couple degrees. All is good?
  7. Overclocking isn't suitable for impatient minds. Aside from temps make sure that your system remains stable...
  8. Will do I will go hard on battlefield for a while.

    Played BF4 for a while with no issues, thanks for the help!
  9. Games don't stress-test components very well, it could take hours or days before anything happens. Even if RAM is damaged. Had that problem so I know. Could take 2 days for my comp to crash but memtest86 was spitting out errors after 10 secs.
    Same with overclocking, games dont stress the system that much.

    Try OCCT for a few minutes at least. 3 runs of 5 minutes each should be sufficient.
  10. So these temps are not normal at all. I did some digging and my h80i cooler is leaking. I'm going to replace and check again
  11. haha! they did not have anymore h80i's so they bumped me up to a h100i.

    stock clocks with prime95:
    Idle 6C
    Full load 30C
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