2.5K or 3D? (Looking for new monitor)

I am currently using a cheap 21.5" 1080p monitor, which was fine for my old pc, however I now have a much better pc and feel like I need a new monitor.
I have a budget of about £250 (about $400) and I am currently torn between two options, 3D or 2.5k...

On one side 2.5k seems to be the future, and getting one would make a good improvement over 1080p, also It will give my GPU a run for it's money on newer games (GTX 770 SC). So what's the problem I hear you ask?

Well on the other side for the money I have it's a Korean 2.5k monitor or nothing, and they have barely any features and poor build quality, it also means if I want to use it for console gaming then it will be a struggle as most only have dvi and also there is no scaler. So maybe 3D is the way forward, I've never used 3D on PC before so it could be an experience I should have. For the money I could get a half decent 3D monitor (excluding 3D vision).

The looks of the monitor are also important

So here are my questions:

Should I go for 3D or 2.5k?
Or just a good 1080p, if so is 27" to large for that res?
And what specific monitor to get?

Please help as I really can't decide on my own
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  1. Some games look good on 3d while others NOT, check your favorite games
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