Can I use both my hands with Anti-Static Wrist Strap?

I am building a pc and I am wondering if I clip it to my left or right hand(I am right handed) and where do i attach the clip to?
Also am I allowed to use both hands when doing this or the one without the strap on, or the one with the strap on?
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  1. I never use one. And never had the first bit of trouble from static electricity. Touch the MB before installing parts, etc will get rid of static electricity. Even just leaning on the bench will do. The idea is to stop any arcing between parts and the board. If you walk across the room and come back, just touch the metal case to get rid of any static electricity.

    And only one strap would be needed if you are gonna use one. Strap it to the MB or bench somewhere metal.
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    A Anti-Static wrist strap grounds your whole body to whatever it is connected to which ideally should be a ground (aka the actual ground one way or another) so you can use both hands. Anything metal like your desk or computer case will do just fine. Although I have never used one they will eliminate any chance of static hurting your components. If you have one use it, if not then i wouldn't bother to much, just don't go moon walking on the carpet and to be safe touch a screw or the case now and then to discharge yourself and you should be just fine. :)

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