I'm trying to get a standard definition output from a GTX 770 video card. Is this possible via a cable or DVI to SD / S-VHS ad

HELP! I've got a new build with an ASUS GTX 770 video card & Z87 Expert MOBO running Windows 7. I need to get MS Power Point slide presentations out to a standard definition TV feed using either composite or S-VHS video. Can I use a DVI-VGA adapter with a VGA to Composite/S-VHS adapter cable, or do I need a converter box?
Any help would be greatly appreciated, as ASUS is very slow to respond, and the manuals are useless for this question...
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  1. Just google it mate, you can connect almost anything, even scart converter boxes for old crt tv's.
  2. Thanks for the quick response!!!
    I've tried Google. Not much help I'm afraid.
    Do I need an electronic box converter, or a will a VGA to composite/S-VHS "dongle' do? The card info. I've gained so far is useless beyond some method to get RGB out of it!!! Just trying to determine if I should spend money on a converter!
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