crossfire wont work now.

i have crossfire 7970m graphic cards. i dont normally use them in crossfire, but in some games i like to turn them on. so i decided to try and turn on crossfire but when i click enable and apply it goes back on disable. i updated the drivers and everything so i really dont know what the problem is.
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  1. completely remove all your amd drivers then reboot, then reinstall your drivers
  2. I did that and it didnt work
  3. hmm maybe one of the cards is messed up , Ive never heard of xfire doing that
  4. i checked the hardware and according to the device manager theyre both working properly. Ill retry what you said
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    hmm can you download msi afterburner and disable ulps and restart as well?
  6. i downloaded it how do i do that?
  7. i did all of that now ill reply if it works
  8. snailwhale said:
    i did all of that now ill reply if it works

    msi afterburner its under settings then it will be at the bottom
  9. Thanks so much it worked :D
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