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So I got a new 5200maH battery for my HP ProBook 4530s and it seems to be working fine. Much better than the original, a 4400maH which died out on me. My only concern is that for a 5200 maH it doesnt feel like its lasting any longer at all. Am I supposed to recalibrate it or something?
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    If you want to give it a try:

    1) Plug it till 100% and leave like this for two hours.
    2) Unplug and use your notebook normally till 5% of charge.
    3) Recharge it again

    The battery will be calibrated by doing so.

    What you should keep in mind is that some batteries, specially generic ones, won't last as longer as a original one even being labelled with a higher capacity. There are many factors that can influence this.


    You should check your power consumption too. Use some software as HWInfo to see how much power it is drawing and the health of the new battery.
    It's wise to lower the brightness, mute the sound (if you're not using it) and select a power saving oriented profile. This could help your battery last much longer.
  2. Thanks a lot!
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