1st Gaming PC build.. Motherboad help...

So here is what I am looking to do with the computer I am planning on. Haven't really figured out where my budget lies yet, but really just looking for some help and advice on motherboards cause it's the one piece of the PC I am not 100% sure about.

I am going to build for gaming/recording/editing and also to build a programming portfolio when looking for a job.

I am not an intel or AMD fanboy so i can go either processor. So if someone could give me some advice on different motherboards that would fit my needs, i would highly appreciate it.

If you are curious what I am leaning towards.. Probably going full tower, with atleast 8GB of RAM, would like to overclock in the future, def make sure there is room for expansion..I'm still review video cards for my needs...

I know this is vague but i really just decided on building like a couple days ago over buying prebuilt so now it's time to research. Thanks
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    If you go AMD, be sure to get a 990 chipset, and not the 970. If you go Intel Get the Z series chipset, such as Z87 (Haswell) Z77, etc.

    Gigabyte makes some really good boards, and ASUS does as well for what you're looking to do.
  2. Try the Asus Maximus Hero VI for overclocking and expansion.
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