Doubling up on my gpu - need power supply suggestions

I'm am currently running a MSI gtx 680 twin frozr 4gb card and have found 2nd one on eBay for a good price (it's already on the way, so don't tell me I don't need it or just to switch to the 780). I'm looking to double up these in SLI but I'm going to need more juice. I currently have a 700W 80 Plus PSU. What would you suggest for a PSU? I was thinking 900W 80 Plus Gold.
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  1. actually the 700W might just be enough. each card uses about 170W so depending on the rest of your config it may just work without a psu upgrade

    edit: sure, a 900W psu will be better but you can try without upgrading and if there's any instability you upgrade the psu
  2. 700W is fine to power 2 680s.
  3. Well, I'm running a ECS Golden Z77H2-AX motherboard with an Intel i7 3770K, 16 GB Ram, and a CM H100i liquid cooler. Maybe I will try to run it without upgrading the PSU. I'm just a little concerned about the efficiency of my current PSU.
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    just 80+ isn't great so upgrading it wouldn't be a bad idea. if you do 80+ bronze should be the minimum you're looking at.
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