How to stream from computer tuner to non-smart TV?

I have a media computer set up with a dual tv tuner. It can stream live tv to the computers in the house, but how do I set it up to stream live tv to my tv? I don't have a smart tv, but I do have a dlna device (blu-ray player) connected to the tv and the wifi. I keep reading that there is a way to do this, but I am getting lost in the technical details. I am trying to avoid any other purchases if possible. Please help if you can.

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  1. DLNA only supports a few file types. For example, .AVI and .MP3 are supported.

    You can not stream a live stream, as that is not a supported file type. Sorry.

    I would run a cable from the video card on the PC to the TV. If a cable is not an option, there are wireless HDMI solutions, but they are hundreds of dollars more than a HDMI cable.
  2. Do you know anything about VLC? I heard it could "capture" the tuner signal somehow and then that could be streamed.
  3. I can not answer Your question about VLC. Even though I use it as a player daily, I have never tried (successfully) to re-stream a stream.
  4. my tv only has rca jacks and antenna input I have a roku but i want internet content like google tv. can I turn my old tv into a smart tv with out hdmi inputs
  5. or usb inputs
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