Fast downloading speed, High ping, slow steaming speed?

Recently, an issue has occured.
My internet ping drastically spikes from the usual 50-100 to 1000+
My downloading speed stays at it's usual 800kb - 1.2mb
My streaming speed + web browsing speed are gravely crippled though.
I'm unable to load webpages without waiting 10 seconds, or stream videos without waiting for it to continuously buffer. I'm unable to play online games. However, League of Legends appears to run smoothly with a 30 ping while everything else takes forever to load. Youtube has lag loading the pages, but the videos appear to buffer fine.
This is the only computer on the network.
I've tried to reset the computer's network adapter.
I've tired to restart my router.
Both of those fixes I've tried only lasts for about 15 seconds until it starts to lag again.
The ping lag is also experienced on my phone as well.
I've also tested my packet loss, and there is no packet loss. Just high ping.
I'm also not downloading anything.
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  1. Contact your isp if you haven't changed anything recently. mabe theres an issue on there side. I had issues before when Comcast was in progress of a two week upgrade on there network in my area
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