New gaming pc running slow?

Ok so I built a gaming pc yesterday with an i5-4670k, gtx 760, and an asrock extreme4 motherboard I installed the motherboard and graphics card drivers, yet I still get about 50 frames in minecraft. Why is this? Also, I'm using the dvi to VGA adapter because I'm using an extremely old monitor. Would that be what's slowing down my computer so much? I'm also using windows 8.1.
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  1. Minecraft is CPU bound game, the GPU has little impact in your performance.
    It's monitor and the cable you are using to connect your gpu and monitor. If your monitor is 60hz, then you won't be able to receive more than 60 fps. On 120hz or higher screens, one need to use hdmi, dual-dvi and display port cable to achieve the goal more fps. Either way, hz of your monitor can also limit your fps.
  2. Yeah but when I press f3 it saysmy frames are usually hovering around 50, while my friend with the same CPU and GPU gets about 200 frames when he presses f3.
  3. whats your display and his display model? And what cable you are using and which one he does from monitor to gpu?
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