Cannot format SSD, and is not Recognized.

'Windows cannot format the system partition on this disk"

That's what i keep getting in my Disk manager, It's not assigned a letter but i see it there.
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  1. What happens when you click "change drive letter and paths"? Will it allow you to even see that when right clicking? Also what color is the bar atop the block showing the disk and what is listed inside the block?
  2. I am able to change the Drive letter and path

    Not quite sure what you mean, which box exactly?
  3. If you can see the disk in the disk management you should be able to format it. Did you create the partition? Right click the disk in Disk Management and create a simple volume. once the volume is created you should be able to format it.
  4. how do i do that? I see 'Shrink Volume" and "Delete volume"
  5. assuming their is nothing currently in the drive 1st delete the volume then create a new volume
  6. 'Windows cannot delete the active system partition on this disk"
  7. Correct, just delete the volume then format it. As long as there is no data you need from the drive then you're good to go. I apologize I thought you had already attempted this.
  8. That's what it tells me when i try to delete the volume.
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