Looking for sound card or ways to HDMI to a 5.1 receiver

I recently got a cintiq 13 which need a HDMI and i can't live without my 2 monitors. So i decide to take the hdmi out of my 7950 saphhire for it.

Now i have no audio since i don't have means to connect to my receiver.
i would like to ask if anyone know where i can find sound card with hdmi or anything that can get me back on track?

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  1. Use a good 'ol 3/4" headphone jack to RCA adapter, like this one:

    Let us know if I missed the point. Or does your receiver not have RCA inputs?
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    If it's sound get a Creative Sound Blaster Z OEM card on sale now at newegg for $57.99..And a Toslink cable to hook up sound to your A/V receiver..
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