FPS dips in BF4 (even small deathmatch servers) with i5 3570k and HD7950 boost?

BF4 is even installed on SSD and using FPS monitoring built into the BF4 console command

Show FPS = perfoverlay.drawfps true

I get low FPS dips into the 40s or 30s all the way up into 50-60 for a few secs, and mostly down into 40s the whole match

which is VERY puzzling to me, because I'm on ultra 1080p, and I've scoured youtube for 1080p ultra videos, and people are getting the same results with haswell i3 cpu and a lesser gpu like the GTX 660 or HD7870/R9 270X

I don't understand it...I have the newest AMD drivers for the HD7950

I shouldn't HAVE to overclock, because, lower clocked dual core i3s are matching or exceeding my is up with that? Even the cheap 8 core AMD 8320 or 8350 or the 6 core fx6300 I've seen in vids have had the same happen or they can get slightly more fps.

just chalk it up to being a buggy mess if a dual core or amd cpu can keep up with my setup? I hate to see what the numbers will be for my FPS on a 64man BF4 server...ouch :(

I thought BF4 was supposed to be this very cpu dependent game, but yet a dual core i3 is keeping up with my i5, and AMD cpus are keeping up too
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  1. Have you done any resource or temperature monitoring to try to pinpoint the problem?

    My i5 2400 and 6950 run at ultra at 1080p with very few frame dips on 64 player servers, something is wrong with your setup.
  2. hottest core got to 49c,others are low 40s during gaming core 1 spikes at 81%, others are 50-60%

    maybe buggy game, I get better fps on Operation Locker team deathmatch.
  3. It can be a buggy game, but considering the fact that it runs on other setups just fine, I'm more inclined to think something is either up with your computer or your settings in BF4 are wonky.

    What is your RAM utilization looking like?
  4. that's one thing I was thinking, maybe ram usage is too high, but I scanned with ADWcleaner and Malwarebytes and no viruses or malware. Just sitting in chrome with 2 tabs open windows 7 tells me I'm using about 4gb of ram,way too much...maybe one of my ram sticks is funky?

    I have 8gb total.

    right now with bf4 running and on chrome with several tabs, I'm using 5.77gb total it says.

    Sometimes if I tab out of bf4 it tells me direct x error of not enough gpu memory, it's thinking I don't even have 512mb, but many other people online have had that same problem with high end GPUs so it's not just me, some direct x error I guess.
  5. Ah, well I've seen that same DirectX error from other people as well, and that may be a source of the problem here. Unfortunately the fix doesn't ever seem to be the same from person to person. But the most common fix seems to do with drivers. Do you have the most up to date version of Catalyst from AMD? Some people said rolling back to an older version helped them.

    BF4 can use quite a bit of RAM, to be honest, and Windows 7 uses quite a bit all on it's own as well. Doesn't seem too far fetched to me.
  6. According to review sites in bf4 win8>win7, iirc win8 has dx11.2 where as 7 doesn't also that's why the recommended specs list win8.
  7. maybe that's what it is.....bleh I like how snappy 8 is but hate the metro u.i.,etc. I have 8.1 on my A8 llano APU laptop
  8. wow, on the new forest/jungle man Guilin Peak, I dip down into 32 fps pretty much constant, with small jumps to 37fps

    I'll have to lookup if there's vids of somebody playing this map on an AMD FX CPU or an i3....that's sad an i5 is only getting 31-32fps, I didn't pay all this money for this pc to get this bad performance. Or they need to fix BF4
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    From first google link:
    Under Windows 7, we experienced choppiness as we played. This was felt both in the "Test Range" map, and in multiplayer gaming sessions. The choppiness was more pronounced on the GeForce GTX 780. We could get on a straight path, in the "Test Range" and move down a straight road. As we did this, there would be a pause, or chop, in the frames randomly. It was like the game was hitching for no reason. This happened more on the GTX 780. This is under Windows 7.

    When we tried this on Windows 8.1 the pausing, or hitching, or chop (however you want to describe it) was completely gone. Moving was smoother with no hitching in the game on the GTX 780. This affected both the test range and the multiplayer gaming session.

    Therefore, the gameplay experience advantage under Windows 8.1 is a smoother gameplay experience in BF4 on both video cards.
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