Is Sapphire R9 270x Boost with OC 4GBDDR5 compatible for my PC ??

Specs of my PC are
Intel Core i3 2100@3.10ghz(2 cores/4 threads)
4GB DDR3 1333MHz G.skills Ram
500GB sata6gb/s 7200rpm WD Hdd
PSU 600W cooler master thunder
Win 7 64bit
My question is will performance of r9 270x get bottlenecked due to my pc???
If yes then which gpu i should go for.Should i go for 2GB edition of r9 270x????
I know my cpu is not so good.But it beats any Amd's quad core cpu.Also in windows experience index it scores 7.2 pts
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    Your CPU can bottleneck any 270X or 270 if the game is demanding enough. Having less vram isn't going to alleviate the problem. Why need 4GB anyway? Depending on where you buying from, you might find a GTX 660 Ti or even 760 for the same or a little more.

    A higher tier GPU will give you more performance than just having more vram, even if the game uses more than 2GB.

    Look forward to getting a Sandy Bridge i5 or i7 and bottleneck begone.
  2. But isnt r9 270x better than 660 ti???Also r9 270x is more futureproof.

    After getting a good gpu in my budget i will upgrade my cpu too.
    My budget for gpu is 200$(15000 indian rupees)
  3. There will be a bottleneck but it is not a problem it is still easily playable. Ur cpu is similar to 3220 in this benchmark,3634-10.html

    Dont get more than 2 gb its useless, if u want to invest more invest on a higher gpu instead of memory as mentioned by huilun
  4. Ok guys.Very much thanks for sharing your knowledge.I think r9 270x 2gb will do fine for me and i can invest that money on 4th gen core processors for which i also need to change my mobo.
  5. Is 4gb ram enough or should i go for mobo which has 4 memory slots so i can add 2×2gb ram additionally with 2×2gb ram that i am having now
  6. 4GB is enough but that system RAM has nothing to do with graphics card vram. Instead of adding ram (which is not good if you going to add a different brand or model sticks, or worse different speed) you should just replace your current sticks with 4GB x2.

    Your i3-2100 is a Sandy Bridge (LGA 1156) processor, you can just upgrade to another Sandy Bridge i5 or i7 which will use the same socket. Changing boards is something you want to avoid if you can because its troublesome and you need a new copy of Windows (unless you have the retail box version which can be transferred to a different PC)
  7. Thanks for your reply huilun.
    I have a copy of win 7.So i dont see any sense in buying a 2gen old cpu just for using a old mobo.The new mobo will cost me about $100 and will also have a PCIe x16 3.0 slot instead of x16 2.0 on my current mobo
    Also i can get same ram that i am using now.So should i still go for 2×4gb ram.If i do that i have to spend double money and most importantly my current 2×2gb will be waste bcoz i will get nearly nothing for replacing it with 2×4gb ram where i live
  8. If you want more RAM on your current board you need to throw/sell the old sticks.

    If you are talking about transferring the ram to the new board and then adding more sticks, you should add another identical pair of 2GB sticks.

    Edit: If your ram is not 1600Mhz or faster, then I suggest you get a pair of 1600Mhz 4GB sticks anyway.
  9. Ok this is what i am going to do.
    I will buy new cpu,gpu,and mobo now.Bcoz spending money on 8gb 1600mhz ram will not fit in my budget now.I will get 8gb ram afterwards.
    Also i wanna know is there any visible performance difference in 1600mhz than using 1333mhz ram??
  10. Getting faster ram is not going to give you nearly as much performance as a new GPU or CPU, so get those first.

    Beyond 1600Mhz the benefits start to diminish rapidly.
  11. I really appreciate your help.
    Many thanks
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