Radiator: Static Pressure vs High Airflow

So I think I am planning to use a 240m (120mmx2) Closed loop watercooler for my build. My current idea is to place the radiator in the front of the case. I know that fans with high static pressure cool things such as radiators better because they help air flow through tight spaces. The question is will 4x 120mm fans push/pull bring enough air into the case? Or do I need to use a mixture of high static pressure fans and high air flow fans? Will there be a difference?
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  1. Im not sure what you are asking. Are you asking if 2 120mm fans are adequate air intake for your PC? Probably, but impossible to say for sure without know what exactly is in your system, and what your system is in (the case). I would be more concerned about where the air is blowing (if the only intake is coming through rads it may not blow on your components that need cooling).
    If you are asking if you should mix up your fans, you can, but it won't really help anything. Not in a way you can reasonably measure in advance anyway.
    The best suggestion I can give as far as fans go is to simply read what other people recommend. The specs posted by fan manufacturers are rarely of any real use. What I mean is, say for example you see a fan boast of max airflow 70 CFM and static pressure of 2.2 mm h2o, that doesn't do you any good because it doesn't tell you anything about how the fan will operate in a real world operation.
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    I´d be carefull with mounting a radiator in front if you are only cooling your CPU.

    I have done this, too, with a Kraken x60 and noticed something interesting:
    My GPU would get warmer when I was only just stressing the GPU compared to stressing GPU and CPU because the fans on the radiator supplied the cooling for the GPU. Which was a connection i didn´t like at all.
    I mean, it always depends on the rest of your system (especially your case), just saying.

    As for your question: The amount of air is the same with 1x2 fans and 2x2 fans. The benefit would be that you could redirect the air after it has gone through your radiator.
  3. The case is a Cooler Master N200 which is a small MicroATX tower. I don't have a 240mm radiator yet instead I have a 120mm currently which will be switched out later. The radiator plus fans are not the only fans in my case. There is a 120mm fan on the side that is obviously aimed at the GPU or the motherboard in general. Then a 120mm rear and top fan that is supposed to be exhaust fans.

    @Som3one I see what you're saying. At least for now I will only be using a APU in this particular computer without a dedicated video card. So it's not a large problem but can become one when I get a 7850/70, R9 270/X, or maybe better later on when I also upgrade the APU/CPU (Hoping AMD releases a 6-8 core on the FM2+ socket). This computer being a small one it only has the front of the case for a 240mm radiator.

    I am using generic fans currently but plan to switch all fans to Scythe Gentle Typhoons one by one. They are rated at ~50CFM at 1450RPM yet the dBA is ~<20. It's probably the smallest computer I have so I plan on making it run cool as possible by researching about better accessories.
  4. The GTs are definately one of the best SP optimized fans out there. But they are discontinued. So, you might have to hurry to pick up some.
  5. Oh Really? Thanks for the information I'm going to have to buy them soon.
  6. Didn't have time to read other comments, but you definitely want high static pressure fans for radiators.
  7. slyu9213 said:
    Oh Really? Thanks for the information I'm going to have to buy them soon.

    The allegedly "better" successor will be the GrandFlex fans.
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