want a new monitor IPS,LED,LCD or TN?

Hi all,

I give advice on the oc part of the forums but now have a questions myself

I want a new good quality gaming monitor.
what is the best sort but, IPS,LED,LCD or TN?

Also any recommendations for about 400 $ budget.
24 or 27 inch to
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    I read there's Korean monitors with IPS panel and can overclock to higher frequency which I think would be excellent for FPS gaming. Priced around $300 or so for a 27" with higher than normal 2560*1440 resolution.
    Something like this:
  2. beast I bought it. Ment to be really good
  3. Matt Bull said:
    beast I bought it. Ment to be really good

    Which one did you buy? Did you get the one that is overclockable? If I didn't have my Samsung 27" 550 (TN panel, yuck!), I would have bought one of those with 120 Hz refresh rate.
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