Can two graphics cards that need 700 watts be used with one 700 watt PSU?

I want to use two graphics cards in my computer. The cards' recommended power is 700 watts. Will one 700 watt power supply be sufficient for both cards?

Thank you for your help in advance.
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  1. I don't think a single card actually takes 700W unless its a dual GPU card. They recommend 700W is for the entire system including the graphics card.

    Tell us what card you are looking at and I can find out what it actually requires and suggest a PSU.
  2. What cards are we talking about? Cards like the R9 290X uses up to 400w and would require about 1000W for crossfire, while a card like r7 260x can probably run on a 550w power supply while crossfired.
  3. frag there no video card out there that uses 700w. the gpu vendors will say 600w power supply recommended so that there wattage and amps on the 12v line to run the gpu. google your video card and power requirements. most gpu online that are test will show there max voltage needed. for most high end crossfire or sli rigs a 850w power is needed. (games some time pick up a 1000/1200w unit if it on sale for the same price as the 850). also go for a cosair or a sesonic or a rebranded sesonic unit. a lot of power supply's out there are junk.
  4. No it wont be sufficient.
    Give your specs?
  5. wow what is that card? 700watts? are you sure?
  6. Go for something like 850 watts.
  7. You need at least 750W to run two of that. Each takes 250W, and add another 250W for the rest of the system. I suggest 800W or more if you using a power hungry AMD processor or going to overclock.
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    No its not good. At LEAST a 750w is required, but a 850w+ is reccomended. Those cards take allot of power.
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