dual nomitor (duplicate display) only 1 working ingame

Hi guys ! so 2x7970 gh ed CF ... monitor linked using DVI of main gpu card + tv using HDMI of main card , Duplicated display . Everything is fine in windows and was fine before in games to , but a while ago i get the games displaying on only 1 of the screens , the other one not recieving any signal and going idle ..... if i use windows key or alt+tab , windows comes back on both , but when reentering the game , dead agan :) any ideas ? ty
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  1. are you using the 2nd monitor as an extended desktop? sometimes i encounter this problem too by re-entering game it goes normal!
  2. chris ... i mentioned i am using duplicated display :) and huilun , i don`t need that , it worked fine before :)
  3. yes man sorry, your pc can dublicate when on windows but its imposible to dublicate the game cause you are forcing your gpu to render the games twice in real time under one .exe .you can have two .exe if your pc is capable which it is, but it wont be dublicate image. can probably have to (window mode) exe of the game on each on one sceen but with a extended desktop configuration
  4. i`m sorry to say YOU ARE WRONG .... i did it manny times before .... i think i have this issue since i went CF from single .... but i think i played crysis 3 on both screens at a time (duplicate) since i went CF ...
  5. no problem i didnt know that and never tried. why you need a duplicate gameplay anyway!?
  6. You can do the duplicate display with both Windows screen resolution and CCC. Have you tried both?

    If nothing works maybe get a splitter because it is sure to work.
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