Intel HD 4000 Graphics, 3 Monitors not working

Currently I am trying to get three displays running with my laptop. I'm trying to run the laptop display itself, a smaller HP monitor on VGA, and a BenQ on HDMI. However, I run into the issue of not being able to run more than two displays at a time.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. While Intel claims their HD 4000 can support 3 simultaneous outputs, that's only possible when using 2 pixel clocks. This is because they only included 2 pixel clocks in the chipset. Display Port can support the sharing of pixel clocks, otherwise you're going to have to supply matching displays for the setup.
  2. Unfortunately the motherboard on this laptop only has VGA and HDMI out. Is is possible with an HDMI splitter and similar monitor to have three different displays?
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    You may be able to finagle something with your HD 4000, but I think it would be far less hassle to simply use a USB graphics adapter such as this for one of your screens:

    You won't get high performance, but I suspect screen space is more your priority than playing games.
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