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I don't have a CD drive, and I had to download a ethernet drive to a flash and put it on my computer to get it to download my gtx 660 evga drivers, and so on. I'm curious is there anywhere I can download iso of the cd's I got with my gpu and mobo?

Also where can I go to find the latest update for my bios? I'm using a amd 8320 8 core and 1866 ram and don't know if I'm not getting the best speeds since my bios is out of date. Dayz standalone is running perfect though, so no problems there.

Thanks for any help or opinons!
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    If you're not having issues that are addressed by BIOS updates, it is advisable not to perform updates to it. If a BIOS update does not list performance updates, there is no reason to expect them. An improper BIOS update can torpedo an otherwise perfectly fine motherboard, unless it is equipped with a backup BIOS or you know the specific steps to restore a BIOS without display and are prepared with a restore disk.

    Most driver CDs that come with motherboards and graphics cards are outdated before they even get put into the box to ship. You would be better off downloading drivers directly from the manufacturers of your devices.
  2. so how can I see if I'm getting the best speeds for my ram/cpu? Also is there somewhere I can get all the cool utilities advertised on the box?
  3. Most motherboard manufacturers allow you to look up your particular make / model of motherboard and download updated versions of the software that was included on the disc, in an à la carte fashion. Go to the manufacturers website for your motherboard and other equipment and go to the support for your particular device.

    As for whether you're getting the best results, do a Google search for benchmarks and just compare them.
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